Pain With New Crown

Pain With New Crown

When a crown is first placed, it is not unusual to require some minor adjustments. Sometimes this is done at the cementation/seat appointment and sometimes a few days later after “road testing” the new restoration. Sometimes there is still pain with new crown.


Crown Too Tall

More aggressive adjustments may be needed, or adjusting of other teeth (equilibration). If a bite has been balanced and pain remains, there is likely something happening with the nerve.

Reversible and Irreversible Pulpitis

The challenge to Tukwila dentist Lance Timmerman DMD, and any dentist, is determining if the nerve is past the point of no return. If it seems that the nerve will calm down, replacing the crown is often all that is needed. If not, then the nerve needs to be removed. This means remove the tooth or do root canal therapy.

Root Canal Therapy

If you want or can save the tooth, an alternative to removing the tooth and placing an implant, root canal therapy can be a great choice. With today’s methods and tools, root canal therapy can be very successful, painless and “event” free.

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