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Lance Timmerman DMD Blog

4 Myths About Dental Implants, Busted!

August 18, 2020

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Implant dentist in Tukwila talking to patient

Did you know that over 3 million patients have dental implants and roughly 500,000 more are placed each year? Between their impressive 95% success rate and their unmatched durability, dental implants have quickly become one of the leading restorative treatment options available today. However, despite their popularity, there is still quite a bit of misinformation on the internet about them. Therefore, an implant dentist in Tukwila is busting four common myths!


Tukwila Mercury Free Dentist

August 20, 2018

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Recently, a new patient asked about our view on mercury fillings and tooth colored fillings. It seems, even TODAY, that dentists are telling patients that mercury fillings last longer than tooth colored ones, yet most dentists would not place them in their family’s mouths.

The reality is, whether you agree that mercury fillings are poisonous or not, amalgam fillings break teeth. Well placed bonded fillings last longer, as they are more conservative and are sealed into place.

If you feel that your dentist is practicing to a standard of 30 years ago, perhaps you should call Dr Timmerman and see what your options are. Mention “Google” and your exam is FREE!


NobelActive Dental Implants

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When placing implants, it is important that they don’t move! This is why traditionally when implants are placed, they get covered up to allow the body to heal and the implant is not disturbed. 3-6 months later, the implant is exposed and restored.

NobelActive from NobelBiocare is different. Its shape is such that they are rock solid stable on the very day they are placed! This saves the patients uncomfortable visits or surgeries that are normal when using different systems.
If you would like dental implants and want the most comfortable experience possible, call us today!

Risks of Foreign Dental Care

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This may become a permanent link on the site, but this article should be well understood. Dr Timmerman often sees people that have sought to save money by leaving the country, only to have work done that had unnecessary risks involved. Poor sterilization, inferior skills and simply poor results are not uncommon.


Royal Teeth

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Some people are just…  nuts.  While Dr Timmerman certainly appreciates a nice smile, some things are just…  too much…!

-By Rina Raphael


Is there something stuck on your teeth? Oh no, that’s just a tattoo of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

One man has officially won The Windsor Knot’s royal wedding mania title by willingly paying £1,000 to submit to six hours in a dentist’s chair in order to have the famous duo emblazoned on his choppers. (The prize? Ridicule!)


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