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Cosmetic Dentistry

Personalized Cosmetic Dental Care

It is hard to find a dentist adequately trained to give the highest level of cosmetic dentistry. It takes proper training, adequate experience, and top level lab work.

Seattle cosmetic dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila is known worldwide for his cosmetic dentistry and is sought by not only patients seeking care, but lab technicians desiring to work with him.

Cosmetic Dental Training

Dental school teaches adequate dental skills. Upon graduation, the school makes it clear that it is important for the new graduate to continue their education. While many continue, it is up to each dentist to decide what to learn and what to implement in their practice. There is NOT a set curriculum that each dentist must take. While that is liberating for the dentist to choose based on their interests or desires, it makes it difficult for patients to know if their chosen dentist is capable and trained to treat them.

There are many institutes with many subjects of emphasis. Dr Timmerman has learned from the best, including the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the New York University Aesthetic Advantage, and the Center for Dental Excellence with Dr John Kois. His fellowships in the Academy of General Dentistry and the International Congress for Oral Implantologists demonstrate his passion for staying at the top level of dental care.

Cosmetic Dental Experience

There truly is no substitute for “The School of Hard Knocks.” Experience finishes off the training learned in an academic setting, and dentists that have taken courses but never applied the knowledge may not be the best choice when it comes to investing in yourself. The “been there, done that” knowledge from actually treating cases ensures the best possible outcome to your case. When researching who to treat you, be sure to ask for before and after photographs and videos. THEN, be sure to ask if they are examples of your doctor’s work, as many dentists will purchase books and materials that are NOT their own. Buyer beware.

Cosmetic Dental Labwork

Beyond Dr Timmerman’s gifts to design and prepare teeth for new smiles or dental implants, the artistry of the ceramic labwork will make or break each case. Each technician has a talent or strength, and it is from the hand crafted artistry that makes a smile SHINE.

What does “hand crafted dental art” mean?

This video may help explain the difference:

Meet Our Talented Labs & Technicians Partners

Below are examples of the labs and talented technicians that make Dr Timmerman stand out among his peers. Read about them, look at their talented work. If you would like a SPECIFIC artist to do your case, let Dr Timmerman know!


Hand-crafted, responsibly-produced prosthetics that fit perfectly. Deutsch Dental Arts, Precision Prosthodontics Laboratory. Providing you with the very best in implant restorative solutions and techno-clinical support.
Arian Deutsch, CDT, DTG, Owner has experience in unique restorative options, esthetic and functional implant prosthetics which are life like and blend in with the individual patient. Give your patients the very best, Deutsch Dental Arts.

Bob Clark, Williams Dental Lab

Bob Clark, and Williams Dental Lab, delivers. Known worldwide for ALL aspects of complex care, Bob’s experience in materials and occlusion sets him apart from many other labs. From single tooth restoration to full mouth reconstruction, Bob can handle it. Close communication with his clients and a dedicated team allows Bob to custom create cases that challenge other technicians and dentists.

Von Grow: Dark Horse Dental Studio

Von Grow, in Utah (originally from the bay area in California), IS Dark Horse Dental Studio and founder of DTG, the Dental Technicians Guild.

One of his strengths is the “no prep” or “minimal prep” porcelain veneer cases. Not all cases qualify, but whenever possible, cases like that are fantastic options.

Bill Marais: Disa Dental Studio

Bill Marais is a phenomenal artist, in both dental work and digital photography. Originally from South Africa, Disa Dental Studio is now in Portland, Oregon. Like a fine wine, perfection takes time. Bill’s attention to detail and time spent on each case ensures the greatest success and satisfaction.

Lucas Lammott, M31 Dental Studio

Art from different perspectives creates variety. Lucas Lammott, with M31 Dental Studio from Gloucester, Massachusetts, marches to a different beat, giving a different flavor and perspective, yet STILL delivering natural and beautiful results.

Sean Park, SP Dental Arts

Sean Park, with SP Dental Arts, is an innovator and educator. Out of UCLA, Sean works with many well known cosmetic dentists and lectures internationally on materials and methods.
His work speaks volumes.

Choose Your Cosmetic Team

Beyond simply choosing to invest in yourself, Dr Timmerman believes you should have the choice of your entire TEAM to deliver your care. If you would like the BEST you can get, if you would like to control ALL aspects of your care, you can decide HERE how your case should go. Each artist has a different variable fee, as each case is custom designed. Ask us to learn more!