Dental Checkups

Dental Checkups

The most affordable and best treatment plan is regular checkups to prevent problems before they start.

Regular Dental Checkups Keep Your Smile Healthier, Longer

We believe one of the best ways for us to help our patients have a healthy smile is by offering regular dental checkups. The ADA recommends that people with healthy mouths see their dentist at least twice each year for check-ups and preventive care.

Preventive Cleanings

One of the best ways to keep your teeth and gums free of disease is through a routine preventive cleaning. For most patients these cleanings are every 6 months.Over time, tartar buildup can cause bad breath, gum disease, and bone loss. Cleanings remove this buildup and help patients have a healthy smile that lasts for years. If regular cleanings aren’t a part of your preventive care routine, periodontal disease and other types of conditions may develop. Unfortunately these can lead to permanent tooth loss.

During your cleanings, our hygienists will:

  • Assess for bone loss and gum infections
  • Clean plaque and tartar off of your teeth and just below the gumlines
  • Treat areas of periodontal infection as needed
  • Provide you with the information you need to control and prevent further infections at home

“I recommend routine cleanings twice each year to keep the visits comfortable and as effective as possible. If there is active gum disease, we will recommend beginning a periodontal therapy program or visiting us more frequently for care.”

—Dr. Lance Timmerman

Digital Radiographs

Low radiation digital X-rays allow Dr. Timmerman to access high-resolution images of the teeth and bone around the mouth.

This is an important step in diagnosing early tooth decay, bone loss, and abnormalities such as tumours or cysts. We recommend taking a set of bite wing X-rays at least once a year to assess areas between the teeth that are not visible during a clinical exam. The reason this is so important is because it allows Dr. Timmerman to diagnose areas when treatment needs are small, saving your healthy tooth structure and also minimising the amount that you invest in dental treatment costs.

Comprehensive Exams

Every examination is careful to monitor and take note of any dental changes that are occurring within the patient’s mouth. Early diagnosis allows our dental patients to experience less dental treatment over time.

Dr. Timmerman performs a routine exam at each of your visits to monitor changes that may have occurred in your mouth, such as areas of weak enamel that are beginning to show wear, or advancement of gum infections. This allows him to be proactive in treating areas when they are as minimally invasive as possible. He will discuss every finding with you, so that you can be completely informed the entire time.

Fluoride and Sealants

Protecting tooth enamel and preventing cavities is important for both adults and children. Sealants help fight decay and fluoride is useful for battling sensitivity as well as demineralized enamel. We apply fluoride after your cleaning, when the tooth is most susceptible to absorbing the mineral. This professional strength application enhances the strength of your enamel and helps fight off the development of future decay.

Sealants are placed in areas where there are deep grooves or pits in the surface of the teeth. These areas are very prone to developing cavities due to how difficult it is to keep them clean. Sealants are thin protective coatings that make the grooves shallower and block bacteria out. This makes it easier to brush and keep the teeth clean.

We also offer these same dental services for children.