Cosmetic Dentures

Custom designed for a natural appearance.

Cosmetic Dentures for Health, Appearance and Function

Our cosmetic dentures, custom designed implant supported dentures, or our Fountain of Youth dentures™ provide patients with a beautiful way to replace all of their missing teeth.

Full mouth dentures are one of the most reliable and economical choices when it comes to restoring a person’s entire smile. Dr. Timmerman designs each denture to reflect the appearance of a natural smile, with custom tooth options for the patient to select from. We offer two varieties of Seattle cosmetic denture treatments for the various needs of our patients.

Ultimately, each set of dentures is designed to:

  • Enhance your facial profile
  • Restore normal function to your mouth
  • Allow you to eat the foods you love
  • Give you the confidence you need around other people

Do you feel like you’re embarrassed about the way your smile looks, or find it uncomfortable to enjoy your favorite foods because of missing or shifted teeth? Then one of our denture options would be a wonderful choice to improve your confidence and a balanced diet.

Beautiful Cosmetic Dentures that Look Natural

Dr. Timmerman’s cosmetic approach to smile restoration means your final denture won’t just feel great, it will look great too. From the shapes and color of the teeth to the contours of the gumlines, no detail goes unnoticed. We invite you to visit our Seattle dental office to find out what type of denture treatment is the right option for you and your individual oral health needs.

Denture Fountain of Youth Dentures™

One of the most unique services that our patients have access to is the Denture Fountain of Youth Dentures™! Dr. Lance Timmerman provides these treatments right here in our Seattle office.

What is a Fountain of Youth Denture™?

Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are a unique type of denture that utilizes neuromuscular dentistry to help maintain optimum function and relaxation throughout your mouth. Unlike conventional types of dentures, the Fountain of Youth Dentures™ give you the most customized fit possible, enhancing your profile so that it looks as if you’ve had a facelift without the actual surgery!

The Fountain of Youth Denture™ is one that brings form, function, and beauty all together. They offer one of the most customized fits of any other type of denture available. By adding depth and a precise fit to the appliance, our patients receive the benefits similar to a facelift.

Benefits of Seattle Fountain of Youth Dentures™ include:

  • Neuromuscular enhancement of your face
  • Support to minimize future bone loss throughout the jaw
  • The most comfortable fit possible.
  • Fuller facial features giving you a more youthful appearance

These dentures are held in place using suction against your normal tissues. They are similar to traditional dentures in that we request you remove them each night for adequate hygiene and healthy oral tissues.

How are they Different from Traditional Dentures?

By incorporating knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers and adding neuromuscular techniques and equipment, the fit of the dentures are unrivaled. The only denture that fits better are dentures using dental implants! This helps Dr. Timmerman’s patients have healthier mouths and more confident smiles, as well as the aesthetics that they deserve from a full mouth denture.

“If you’re looking for a denture that will minimize future bone loss (something conventional dentures don’t do), then the Fountain of Youth Denture™ is the right option for you. It prevents a “sunken in” appearance by restoring the profile of your natural bone and teeth as you wear it. Using neuromuscular dental techniques like this keeps your smile healthy and free of advanced bone loss that seem to affect so many denture wearers today.”

—Dr. Lance Timmerman

Fixed Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures are a permanent option for denture patients. The prosthesis is anchored onto 4 or more implants, preventing the need for it to ever come out of place. Unlike traditional dentures, implant dentures are thinner and free up space in the mouth, making it easier to enjoy meals and talk with your friends.