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Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Knowledge is power when it comes to your oral health, so we’re eager to answer your questions! We’ve answered some of our most popular FAQs below, but if there is anything else you’d like to know about, feel free to give us a call any time.

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Other Commonly Asked Questions

When should I get a checkup and cleaning?

Most people should plan to get a checkup and cleaning at least twice a year, or once every six months. These routine appointments enable Dr. Timmerman and our team to find minor issues and treat them as early as possible, plus professional cleanings can help stop cavities and gum disease before they develop in the first place.

Why do I need cleanings even if I brush/floss every day?

While daily brushing and flossing is essential to sustained oral health, the truth is that your tools at home can’t clean every single surface of your mouth, plus substances like tartar are simply too hard for your brush or floss to remove. Both of these issues are taken care of by a professional cleaning provided by a hygienist. When you combine daily oral hygiene with professional care, a patient can easily avoid cavities and gum disease for years at a time.

Can you help me close the space between my front teeth?

Yes, and we actually have three treatments that can help you do exactly that. Porcelain veneers/Lumineers can cover the teeth with thin restorations to eliminate the gap, or we can build up the enamel with cosmetic bonding. We can even provide discreet orthodontic treatment with Invisalign to shift the teeth into a more ideal position. Which option would be best for you? To find out, give us a call today.

Should I get a bridge, denture, or dental implants to replace my missing teeth?

Each of these options is able to deliver fantastic results for people missing any number of teeth, but in most cases, Dr. Timmerman would highly recommend dental implants first. In short, they are the closest thing to real teeth because they replace both the root and crown of a tooth, creating a prosthetic that is natural-looking, incredibly strong, and can be trusted to last for decades. You can learn more about your options by coming to see us for a consultation.

How can a dentist help with sleep apnea and snoring?

As a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Timmerman is able to provide custom mouthpieces that patients wear to bed, and these slightly shift the lower jaw forward. This keeps the airway open and clear throughout the night, stopping sleep apnea as well as chronic snoring, leading to a more restful night for the patient as well as anyone near them!

Will you accept my dental insurance?

Most likely, yes! We’re in-network with several PPO dental insurances, and our knowledgeable team will work to maximize your benefits at every appointment. To learn more about how we can use your plan to help you save, call us today.