Dental Payment Plans and Financial Policy

Flexible Dental Payment Options

We understand that dental treatment can sometimes be an investment that is unexpected or something that a patient needs a little help with. We are pleased to offer flexible payment options to help patients afford the dental care they want, need, and deserve. It is our goal to never leave patients without proper care, and our financial coordinator can discuss financing options with patients in our private consultation area.

Financial Policy

As a courtesy we file the required paperwork for all patients who carry a dental benefit policy that allows unrestricted dentists to participate. We have patients that have nearly ALL “brands” of dental benefits, so we know we can make the most of your plan (as long as that plan lets you choose your doctor). Although many plans cover a majority of common dental treatment, most will leave a remaining portion that is the responsibility of the patient. Or, in some RARE cases, the claim may be rejected altogether. If a plan does not pay or pay as much as estimated, the balance is still the patient’s responsibility.  We will discuss all fees with patients before treatment is performed to avoid surprises and make sure it fits within your budget.

Dental Plans Accepted

The goal of Seattle implant dentist Dr Lance Timmerman in Tukwila is to help every patient maximize the benefits of their current dental plan carrier. As a courtesy, we do submit claims on behalf of our patients in an effort to make using dental benefits easier. Which plans do we accept?  ALL of them.  We have MANY patients from nearly ALL plans.   However, some plans require patients to go to a single office, so you should know if your plan has stipulations and limitations.  While all patients are welcome, some plans may not welcome US.

It is important to know that Dr. Timmerman is an “unrestricted provider”with most PPO plans.  This means that being out of network allows him to offer or discuss ALL treatment options and not just the contracted ones.

Our office IS in network with Washington Dental Service (Delta Dental of Washington or WDS); however, all benefit plans have multiple levels, some of which do NOT contribute to all offices.  It is important to know what plan you have.  It is our pleasure to assist you in this process, so when making your reservation with us, be sure to do the paperwork far enough in advance so that we can have all your information ready. We take pride in the services that we offer and are happy to arrange reimbursement for patients that have access to dental coverage.  If the paperwork is NOT complete in advance of our first appointment, treatment may be delayed.

Medical Insurance

When treating some conditions, Dr Timmerman can actually use your medical insurance.  As is often the case when treating snoring and sleep apnea, or even sinus lifts and bone grafting, medical insurance can help out.  However, NO dentist is in-network with a medical plan, so sometimes we can request a “gap waiver” or “network benefit exception” (or whatever the word of the day is).  Often this request can only originate from the patient, so some legwork may be required.  This is usually worth the effort, as it allows Dr Timmerman to submit claims as if he was IN network, saving you (the patient) a lot of money.  Who doesn’t like to save money?

Compassionate Finance

At Compassionate Finance the goal is to assist you in receiving dental care on payment terms that are suitable for your budget. Unlike most finance plans, Compassionate Finance approves patients of a wide range of credit scores (Good and Bad) as long as you have stable checking account history. You can expect a quick credit decision, fixed interest rate and the ability to request a monthly payment that fits your budget.

Apply today and get the care that you deserve.

No Surprise Fees

Before Dr. Timmerman ever begins dental treatment, we will always review the treatment plan and itemized fees with you. At this time our treatment coordinator will also provide you with an estimated coverage amount that we can expect from your dental plan provider. It is important for patients to know that some dental benefit carriers do not always cover all procedures, and ultimately the financial responsibility will be that of the patient for any services that are not covered.

Our goal is to help you make the best decisions, so our time together initially is spent making sure we all agree on what treatment you would like and to be sure we make it affordable.