Inman Aligners

Inman Aligners

Straight Teeth, Great Smile in No Time

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What if you could straighten your teeth without braces? The Inman Aligner is a modern dental retainer-like device that can make your teeth look straight in just 6 to 18 weeks.

Inman Aligners are ideal for correcting the location and appearance of your front teeth. They provide fast and effective treatment with long-term results. Most patients complete their treatment between 2 to 5 months, because of how effective the alignment process is. It’s also extremely affordable!

What are Inman Aligners?

Convenient to manage and care for, people who choose Inman Aligners enjoy the ability to:

  • Remove Their Aligners During Meals
  • Eat Whatever You Want to
  • Easily Clean and Care for Your Mouth
  • Complete Treatment in Just a Few Months
  • Straighten Teeth Before Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Enjoy Having a Clear Appliance Alternative
  • Straighten Teeth Quickly
  • Access Affordable Orthodontic Treatment
  • Inman aligners use what looks like a clear, traditional orthodontic retainer with gentle spring coils on each side.

The coils move the front teeth from both behind and in front of the teeth, causing each one of the teeth to move into the same alignment as the neighbouring teeth.

Modern Inman Aligners are convenient, removable orthodontic appliances that straighten the front teeth.

The aligners work quickly and are very safe to use. In fact, they can be used as stand-alone orthodontic treatment without ever having to wear braces.

Tooth Conditions that Inman Aligners Can Correct:

Like braces and clear braces, Inman Aligners are designed to fix specific types of problems that interfere with your smile’s appearance.

Seattle Inman Aligner dentist, Dr. Lance Timmerman offers the orthodontic alternative for cases like:

  • Crowded Upper and Lower Teeth
  • Protruding Front Teeth
  • Gaps Between the Teeth
  • Uneven Teeth
  • Alignment Issues
  • Complete Smile Makeovers

Using Inman Aligners with other types of orthodontic appliances is also possible. For instance, some people may use a palatal expander to widen their arch before wearing the aligner. That way they can avoid having to wear braces at all.

“You Deserve a Straight Smile. If you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look – with a crooked smile, gapped teeth or crowding – then an Inman Aligner could be an affordable and convenient way to improve your appearance. In just a few weeks, you can erase crowded, crooked, and gapped teeth for good. This simple boost can change everything from making a great first impression to your own self-confidence. From the time it takes from one dental check-up to the next, you could look like an entirely new person!”

—Dr. Lance Timmerman

Improving Aesthetics

Straightening your teeth with a Seattle Inman Aligner is a great way to improve your smile’s appearance, or to jumpstart a smile makeover.

For example, you may want to straighten your teeth without braces before whitening, bonding or having a couple of porcelain veneers made.

With the Inman Aligner, your smile comes together to make a great foundation to work with! Seattle cosmetic dentists like Dr. Lance Timmerman can transform your smile in very little time, thanks to the quick results from Inman Aligners.

The Treatment Process

Seattle Inman Aligners are one of the most affordable ways to get straight teeth fast. In as little as 2 months, you can correct problems like crooked or gapped teeth – and most cases take no longer than 4 to 5 months to correct.

Instead of addressing the bite in the back of your mouth, Inman Aligners fix the way the front of your smile looks; the part that matters to you the most.

Each of the aligner bows inside of the appliance use gentle force that provides fast movement. Instead of just applying pressure on one side of the teeth like conventional braces, Inman Aligners work from both directions. That’s why our Seattle orthodontic patients see results even more quickly!

Because the treatment is so fast, it is very affordable. Inman Aligners typically cost much less than conventional braces or Invisalign, because only your front teeth are being moved.

When you consider using Inman Aligners for your Seattle smile makeover, you get a huge return on your investment.After discussing the treatment and how it can help your smile, you will have an impression made. The impression is used to create a custom aligner, which is then fitted in your mouth.

To see results as quickly as possible, Inman Aligners should be worn at least 16 hours a day, minimum. Most of Dr. Timmerman’s patients wear their aligners for closer to 20 hours a day – taking them out only for meals, or to brush and floss.

Set Up Your Consultation With Dr. Timmerman

Most people will need to have their Seattle Inman Aligner checked every 2-3 weeks by Dr. Timmerman.

He will make slight adjustments as needed, to progress your tooth movement.

Considering that most treatment takes just a few months, the process is relatively quick

Maintenance and Follow-Up Care

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is important – especially if you are wearing braces. Many people are unable to clean around their braces well, causing “white circles,” decalcified areas, and cavities during their treatment. Since Inman Aligners are completely removable, all you have to do is brush them clean at the end of the day and keep brushing and flossing your teeth normally.

Once your treatment is complete, Dr. Timmerman will create a retention device such as a removable or bonded retainer to prevent relapse. Otherwise, the muscle memory around the teeth could cause them to move back to where they were before your treatment.

Are You a Candidate for an Inman Aligner?

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for fast Inman Aligners is to see a certified Seattle dentist like Dr. Lance Timmerman.

He will assess your bite, discuss your aesthetic goals, and provide you with an estimate as to how quickly Inman Aligners can fix your smile.

Once your consultation is complete – you’ll know exactly what to expect, how affordable Inman Aligners can be, and approximately how long your treatment will take. You can get started right away, if you like!

Both adults and teens can wear Inman Aligners. The clear braces option is ideal for adults that don’t want to spend a lot of time in orthodontic appliances.

Inman Aligners are designed to appear as aesthetic as possible, giving you affordable, fast, cosmetic teeth straightening in Seattle.

You Deserve a Straight Smile

When you’re confident about the way your smile looks, it can help you feel more outgoing in social settings and the workforce. In fact, studies show that people with beautiful smiles are usually seen as friendlier, more outgoing, and even more likely to get that promotion.

Seattle Inman Aligners offer some of the best, most affordable, convenient orthodontic treatment for adults in our area. Call Dr. Lance Timmerman to schedule your consult today!

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