Things to Consider When Finding an Orthodontist

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An even smile is a powerful thing. It boosts your confidence, improves your dental health, and can even play a role in the success of your interactions with others. Who wouldn’t appreciate having a straighter smile? Finding the right individual to help you manage your orthodontic needs as an adult can seem a bit daunting. […]

Orthodontic Issues

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What to Do If There Are Problems with Braces and Retainers Braces and retainers can take a little getting used to, but you may end up suffering unnecessarily from discomfort that can be prevented. At the very least, understanding what is going on with your orthodontic treatment can help you to deal with it the […]

Braces or Porcelain Veneers?

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This is not a quick and easily answered question, but it is very common in Dr Timmerman’s practice.  There are benefits to BOTH!  Braces can be very conservative, porcelain veneers can be much faster and give as white of a color as desired.  Which is BEST? Orthodontic Braces “Back in the day”, kids would tease […]

Orthodontic Brackets Breaking

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Dr. Lance Timmerman  also does short term orthodontics to help achieve the cosmetic dental goals of his patients. 6 Month Smiles, a popular method to straighten the front teeth, is his most common method, which uses tooth colored brackets and tooth colored wires.  Sometimes this is done before porcelain veneers, allowing more conservative tooth preparation […]

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