Your entire family can receive great dental care right in our office.

Pediatric Dental Care in Seattle

We are proud to offer full-service pediatric dental care at our Seattle dental office. Dr. Timmerman enjoys treating both adults and children, making it easy for busy families to work in their dental check-ups at a single location. Your entire family can be cared for right in our office, so there’s no need to go back and forth across town to get the comprehensive dental care that you and your children deserve.

Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Care

Dr. Timmerman believes the most important service that we can provide to our pediatric patients is a positive experience in a dental office while also showing them how to have a healthy smile for the rest of their life. This begins with thorough check-ups where Dr. Timmerman screens for problems like cavities while they are as small and simple as possible to treat. Smaller cavities mean smaller fillings, which maximises your child’s healthy tooth structure as well as their treatment experience.During their 6-month visits, your child will also benefit from a professional cleaning that removes heavy buildup that could cause future cavities or gum disease. Our team has the dedication and friendliness that you expect for your child, because we know how important your children are to you!

"Our goal is to make your experience the best possible, and even improve your life!"

—Dr. Lance Timmerman

Specialist Pediatric Services

In addition to regular preventive cleanings and exams, there are other options that we offer to strengthen your child’s smile and keep it free of cavities:


Preventive sealants are used to block out bacteria so that cavities can’t form in the deep pits and grooves on the teeth. The shallower surfaces make it easier for your child to brush and keep their teeth clean.


A child’s teeth are very susceptible to tooth decay. Applying a fluoride varnish after a professional cleaning will keep your child’s teeth strong and resistant to decay; as this is the best time possible for the tooth to absorb the strengthening mineral.

Pediatric Sedation Options

It’s not uncommon for some children to be nervous when it comes to dental care. We make laughing gas and sedation dentistry available for families that have children with large amounts of dental needs but are otherwise unable to sit through a normal treatment appointment. Sedation is also a wonderful option for children who have special needs but still deserve quality dental care and a healthy smile!

Oral Hygiene and Nutritional Counselings

We’ll talk with your child about their brushing and flossing habits to help them be more effective as they develop better dexterity. During their cleaning and exam we’ll help them identify areas of their mouth that they need to work on more, even showing them with a mirror the correct way to brush or floss. Our team will also discuss healthy snack habits to encourage your child to make smart choices that benefit their smile.

“Dr. Timmerman’s wonderful demeaner and ability to put his patient’s at ease is what I like most about him. It is very much an office that treats you as part of the family and I recommend him to everyone.”

— Traci P. – 5 Star Facebook Review

“By far one of the most intelligent and educated doctor’s in the world. He has a fantastic staff and I can’t say enough about his support system. I have been with Dr. Timmerman for over 11yrs now and he is especially great with my children.”

— Kelly M-L. – 5 Star Google Review