Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles

Get your teeth straightened in as quickly as six months.

Six Month Smiles. Straight Teeth. Less Time. Clear Braces for Adults.

Seattle dentist Dr. Lance Timmerman provides advanced orthodontic options like Six Month Smiles right here in our cosmetic dental office.

"I Chose Six Month Smiles because of the quick treatment times and clear braces. I am halfway through my treatment and my teeth have straightened out significantly
I am very happy with my decision."

—Jenn, age 24

What are 6 Month Smiles?

With 6 Month Smiles, our Seattle dentist can give you a straighter, more confident smile in an average of just six months. In fact, some people complete the fast braces treatment as quickly as 4 months.

It may sound too good to be true…but it isn’t!

Six Month braces are an extremely safe way to straighten your teeth quickly, without spending years in metal braces . If you’ve been considering cosmetic dental treatments, clear braces or tooth-colored braces, then our Seattle 6 Month Smiles option is a great choice.

“Are you one of the million of adults in need of adult braces? Unhappy, self-conscious, of even embarrassed of your smile? If so I can help you. With Clear Braces, I can get you a Fabulous Smile, in an average of six months. Effective, safe, affordable and quick. Stop waiting, your beautiful smile is waiting for you.”

—Dr. Lance Timmerman
  • Clear
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Fast
  • Great for Adults

Instead of metal brackets and wires, 6 Month Smiles uses clear braces and tooth-colored wires that blend in with your smile. That way when you laugh, talk or show your smile off – other people will hardly notice.

Candidates for 6 Month Smiles

The ideal candidates for 6 Month Smiles braces are people who are concerned about the appearance of their smile. If you’re embarrassed about the way your teeth look and need an affordable option that helps you feel more confident, 6 Month Smiles is an excellent choice.

6 Month Smiles are ideal for addressing concerns like:

  • Crowded Front Teeth
  • Crooked Smiles
  • Closing Gaps Between Your Teeth
  • Invisible Braces Options
  • Fast Braces in Just 6 Months
  • Adults and Teens
  • People With Busy Schedules
  • Previous braces that didn’t last

A lot of people are able to bite and chew comfortably without adjusting the way their teeth bite together. Instead of bite adjustments with conventional braces, 6 Month Smiles simply straightens your front teeth: the teeth that show when you smile – the ones that matter to you the most.

“I’m a 45 y/o male and I’ve always been self conscious about my smile because I’ve never had braces or my wisdom teeth removed. I had such a pleasant experience at Dr. Timmerman’s office during the whitening treatment that I inquired about adult braces. We decided on the 6-Month Smiles braces. I can’t thank Dr. Timmerman and his staff enough for all they’ve done for me and continue to do for me.”

— John G. – 5 Star Google Review

Clear Seattle Braces Options

There are lots of clear and invisible braces options out there, but Seattle dentist Dr. Lance Timmerman knows that 6 Month Smiles is one of the best options available. When you need nice straight teeth fast – 6 Month Smiles could be the right answer.

The revolutionary clear Seattle braces make 6 Month Smiles ideal for both adults and teens. Fast braces work safely and effectively to give you a beautiful, confident smile in a matter of months. From the time that you would spend from one dental check-up to the next, you could have a brand new, straight smile!

What to Expect from Fast Braces

Getting 6 Month Smiles is easy. First, just schedule an examination with Seattle 6 Month Smiles dentist, Dr. Lance Timmerman. After your examination you will have a consultation, and Dr. Timmerman will explain your bite, talk to you about your goals, and create a plan that helps you get the smile that you’ve always wanted.

After taking impressions of your teeth, we send molds to 6 Month Smiles laboratories where your custom trays are made. This custom orthodontic kit is sent back, so that Dr. Timmerman can apply the clear braces quickly and accurately.

Short monthly visits are all that is needed to align your teeth. The quick visits allow Seattle Six Month Smiles dentist, Dr. Timmerman, to adjust the tooth colored wires to move your teeth systematically.

Because 6 Month Smiles only straightens your front teeth, the results are quicker than what is possible with other types of clear braces.

six month smiles Before and After

Why do People Get Braces?

Most people want braces because they are embarrassed or ashamed of how their teeth look. Instead of orthodontic treatments being a functional or health-driven treatment, most people consider them a cosmetic option. However, braces are important for both aesthetics as well as oral health.

In general, orthodontic therapy has many benefits, including situation such as:

  • Improving Oral Hygiene
  • Reducing the Risk of Tooth Decay
  • Combatting Gum Disease
  • Enhancing Personal Appearance
  • Boosting Your Self Confidence
  • Managing TMJ Disorder
  • Preventing Worn, Broken Teeth and Fillings

Do Fast Braces Damage Your Smile?

Fast braces that are not completed by a trained dentist could damage your teeth, gums and bones. But choosing a certified dentist to complete your 6 Month Smiles treatment is very safe. Seattle dentist Dr. Lance Timmerman has extensive training and experience in managing patients with 6 Month Smiles orthodontics.

6 Month Smiles movements are done methodically and with fine attention to detail. This allows the front teeth to be rotated or moved without impacting the other teeth around them. Once your treatment is finished, your straight teeth will be just as healthy as they were before.

Fast Orthodontic Treatment Options

Once you’ve decided to get braces, you don’t want to wait. You want to see results as quickly as possible, so that you don’t have to spend years wearing braces. Most people see dramatic changes from their 6 Month Smiles braces in just a couple of months.

Seattle 6 Month Smiles can give you some of the fastest results possible in modern orthodontics. The majority of adult braces patients complete their entire 6 Month Smiles treatment in 6 months, although some may be one or two months shorter or longer. Dr. Timmerman can give you an accurate estimate on your length of orthodontic therapy during your initial 6 Month Smiles examination.

“Adults usually have very little time to rush back and forth to an orthodontist office. They need options that improve the appearance of their smile, but have a short duration of treatment. 6 Month Smiles does just that! In just a short time, 6 Month Smiles can give you the smile you’ve always wanted, without years of wearing braces. It’s the option that Seattle adult orthodontic patients deserve.”

—Dr. Lance Timmerman

Braces for Adults

As a certified Seattle 6 Month Smiles and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lance Timmerman has transformed crooked smiles into confident ones in a short, reasonable time. The revolutionary treatment is changing the way our Seattle patients feel about getting braces.

Seattle Six Month Smiles Consultations

Six Month Smiles addresses both time and cosmetic goals of our patients. By being invisible and fast, it can’t get much better! Dr. Timmerman is a trained 6 Month Smiles dentist right here in Seattle.

Schedule a consultation with us today. Find out how affordable 6 Month Smiles can conveniently fit into your busy schedule. Comfortable 6 Month Smiles can give you the new smile that you have always deserved.