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Seattle Porcelain Veneer Smile Designs

This smile gallery shows the designs used to create YOUR smile.

Seattle cosmetic dentist Lance Timmerman DMD in Tukwila knows that healthy teeth have specific proportions.

(For current examples of Dr Timmerman’s smile makeover treatments, check out his Instagram photos:

The picture below shows that when teeth wear down, they become too square.
Properly balanced, teeth are better proportioned (often called “golden proportions”).


When deciding on how you want your smile to appear, you have the ability to choose the STYLE from a catalog. Everyone has an opinion of what their smile should look like, here are some options. Once a decision has been made, this information can be sent to the lab to create the diagnostic wax mock up, and if this meets with your approval, work can begin to make your smile look JUST like it!

Browse through the various styles below and pick your favorites.

What style of smile would YOU like? Get your professional smile makeover scheduled today!