Your First Visit

Your First Visit

We look forward to seeing you!

What should you expect at your first visit with Dr. Timmerman?

We’re thrilled that you’ve decided on your first visit to our Tukwila dental office and we want your first visitto be unforgettable! Before stepping foot into our office, we ask for some important information in advance.  By entering your health history and all necessary paperwork at least 2 days in advance, we can be ready for you without delay!  A link to this paperwork can be found HERE.  If dental benefits are a factor (if you have them, use them!) then we need to verify in advance all necessary details (plans change, sometimes without warning).  The LAST thing we want to do is create an uncomfortable situation for you financially.

During your first visit you will most likely either be seeing Dr. Timmerman for a limited examination (such as while experiencing a toothache), or a new patient preventive care appointment (comprehensive exam and cleaning.) At these visits we will take any necessary digital radiographs to help identify areas of concern, and screen for abnormalities that are not visible during a clinical examination.  X-rays ARE a requirement here, so if you have concerns about them then we need to discuss them in advance.  It is impossible to decline or waive them, but if you have recent copies that aren’t blurry, then it is possible to use them.   In addition to x-rays, we take photographs of your teeth, smile, and portrait.  This documents how things appear currently and allows us to communicate with you what we see.

One unique thing about our office is education.  By that, we mean we truly EDUCATE you on your condition and your options.  This is often done with PowerPoint presentations as we explain procedures or services.  Many of these presentations are also on our YouTube channel, so if you are curious, you can get a “head start” by going over there.  We even have a playlist that helps prepare you for your first visit.  Is our office different than others?  Come find out.  We think we are….!

Preventive Care Appointments

If routine dental care is your concern, we invite you to schedule a preventive care appointment. New patient preventive care appointments involve a cleaning, examination, periodontal disease screening, oral cancer screening, digital X-rays and educational sources as needed. We’ll also discuss your needs and goals for your oral health and smile. Our goal during these appointments is to create a relationship with you as a person, and understanding of you as a patient. Since we take a preventive care approach to your care, these are one of the most important visits that our patients have with us. Early disease diagnosis and intervention will keep your smile needs minimal for future visits.

A Comfortable Atmosphere

Our team makes your comfort our first priority. We’ll always make it easy to access comfort items such as nitrous oxide, sedation options, or even a blanket. It’s our goal to help you feel at home when you’re with us, so that you’ll want to keep coming back. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you feel more comfortable – because when you’re comfortable, it’s easier for us to do our job! We do our best to create a calm environment, including scented air (gotta mask that dental office smell!) and paraffin hand dip. While this isn’t quite a trip to the day spa, it doesn’t have to be entirely unpleasant.

“Dr Lance Timmerman and his staff are wonderful! He offers a comfortable approach and clearly loves his profession. It is a good feeling to experience a great personality that includes confidence and professionalism during procedures that are typically not looked forward to.”

— Jan P. – 5 Star Review

First Visit Consultation

If you are looking for just a consultation, we can do that too.  However, it is important to know what a consultation IS, as many people confuse an exam and a consultation.  We do both, but may schedule the wrong thing for this appointment if we both use different terms.  This explains:

Financial Accommodations

All of our financial arrangements and fees are disclosed up-front, so you’ll never have to worry about something that you don’t expect to pay for. We help coordinate insurance claims with you and Dr Timmerman. If treatment is needed, we’ll provide you with a summary of coverage benefits so that there will never be any unexpected fees related to your care. Financing is also available should you need to arrange a payment plan for your dental care.  We work with several finance companies, so we can be flexible with payment plans.  We have found that we can fit payments into almost any budget for their dental needs.  Our hope is that the cost to dental care is not a barrier to treatment, so anything we can do to help is a priority with us.

“It is my honor to be your Dentist. I have invested in the finest technology, training and facilities to ensure your dental procedure are outstanding. But most important, I am fully committed to the safety, compfort and satisfication of every patient. I look forward to seeing you!”

—Dr. Lance Timmerman